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If we start from the very basics of styling and we check out its dictionary definition, we can see pretty quickly that it involves the word "distinctive" and, oh boy!, isn't this amazing!

There have been many essays thought out the year to define what fashions styling is. What we can bet of for sure though, is that it's very different (like, VERY) from the definition of fashion. Fashion is the continuous change of trends out there in the mean and cold world of consumption (ok... we're exaggerating a *tiny* bit) whereas style is something more permanent, that never changes and becomes an inbred skill that, once owned, you master forever (it's a bit like the use of the force for a jedi).

What we believe in? Style, darling... of course!

The definition of a "well dressed" person can vary from individual to individual but there are some basic rules (we will dig into them later on) that, when applied, become automatically synonym of style.

If the whole world is telling you to wear one of the dress one of the Kardashian's is wearing, that you see this dress everywhere, reworked into 4973 lookalike-but--still-very-different versions and walking into that cool hipster cafe in Brookyin you see at least 3 people wearing it, well, that's fashion. Fashion has become the modern response to the materialistic world we live in and the ultimate response to the capitalist system that dominates us.

This basically pushed people to:

1) buy endlessly

2) not think / deep dive into the reasons behind every purchases

3) a creation of an universe of personality deprived clones - stormtroopers are cool, but let's leave them to Dath Vader

4) the loss of recognition by individuals of their core strengths and values

5) the increase of lack of ability to be able to stand out of the crowds and become a valuable asset rather and an appendage of something bigger

Guess what? Style is the complete opposite. Style is the ability to understand your core pillars, determine your strengths and apply them to your look, no matter what Zara says or Beyonce wears.

Style is about ME, fashion is about ME among OTHERS. This bias in the conception of fashion is actually transforming it in something it was never supposed to be: a shallow pattern of creating of white sheep, getting rid of all the black ones that kick some ass. Unfortunately, being an outstanding loud fashionista is not as cool as it sounds since it's a mere copy of the world outside.

Wearing flare pants when everyone is wearing skinny or having tropical shirts as distinctive mark no matter the year, the age, the trend or what WGSN says, this is the real outstanding deed.

Having style requires then:

1) a pretty decent amount of balls to get rid of all the society labels

2) a good knowledge of yourself, your personality, your needs and what you stand for

3) a critical eye on the society and the consumers behavior to discern buying procedures and spot out marketing and advertising fogging techniques

Personal styling of course can change throughout one person's life (we all change and therefore our personality also does) but the process is much slower, more matured and grounded than changes lead by (fast) fashion. This also allows you to take the time to listen, watch and analyze without running frenetically like a headless chicken from mall to mall in pursuit of the latest cool bomber jackets that might not suit you AT ALL and be anyways out of trend the moment you walk out of the store.

Find out more about styling in our next blog post. Stay tuned!

***I just realized there are at least two references to the Star Wars universe. I truly don't know what happened here... hum.... #SorryNotSorry***

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