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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Maybe not everyone has a tumble dryer in their house or a garlic peeler (which by the way I totally recommend) but I'm pretty sure you have at least one mirror AKA these weird objects we have a love-hate relationship with.

It's funny how we try to avoid them but in the meantime every time we pass by one we can't help but say "Let me have a quick look" and begin a very detailed self-analysis that, let'e be honest, never ends well.

Bad hair day, a post-Xmas-dinner too pronounced tummy, legs we wish were a couple inches longer or some wrinkles we never noticed before (little f*ckers...).


What's for sure, it's that we hardly use mirrors as tools to judge our real beauty: the inner one. You're probably thinking I'm crazy, like "how can you judge inner beauty from a mirror?" as if it were some kind of home made x-ray machines but actually it's very impressive how, without even noticing, we translate in our outfit and look exactly what's inside ourselves.

There is a very bad misconception (at least to my eyes) that wants the world to consider "inner beauty" as the only variable to judge global beauty in a human being and that if "outer beauty" is taken into consideration, then you fall automatically into vanity, superficiality, Kardashainism, etc...


A dress, white teeth or nice hair are for sure NOT the metrics for beauty judgment but how YOU feel about them makes you automatically lean towards certain behaviors that could enhance you true beauty.

Inner beauty can be considered under a wide spectrum: a kind person, someone who's helpful, being not judgmental, someone who's constantly smiling and spreading good vibes, someone with a non judgmental view on people and things, etc... but what we forget is that the way we feel about our body and external appearance (or as I call it, our envelop) can actually boost these features or actually bring them out altogether. No black magic involved, I swear. 

The problem on the never ending war between inner and outer beauty is not on the fact that they can both co-exist but on the fact that the judgement is issued by third parties and the societies standards and not ourselves and THIS is where the danger lies. To translate, the problem is not that we feel more beautiful because we are happy with what we wear or what we look like but that, when we do that, we use the lenses and the dictates of what the marketing and advertising standards impose to us. It's not a problem if you feel better if you wear a neon yellow flower dress and that makes you smile more but the problem begins when you are prevent yourself from wearing that dress because it's too loud or because you think you're overweight and should not be wearing that. 

And this, my friends, leads us to the second topic: the subtle are of not giving a damn. Ah, sweet relief!

It is primordial to understand who we are, how our very own inner workings are triggered and how to nourish our most beautiful self by feeling confident with the way we look and how we want to present ourselves to the world. Our image is our first ID card submission to anyone we bump into and we need to feel 100% confident and in control. This does not mean to try to fit into society standards or commonly (and wrongly) general accepted rules. If you try to fit a rectangle into a circle, it'll eventually break. And you don't want that. 

Styling is pretty much this: analyze your body and persona and try to work with these tools in order to express the maximum of your "inner beauty". Outer beauty is the reflection of it and therefore the mirror become the x-ray machine to bring it out (I finally manage to buckle it up and close the loop from the beginning ... took me a while but I managed *self high five*).

In our next post, I want to dissect this a little but further and work on a series of activities that can be easily done and be the very first beginning on the trip to your "inner beauty". Care to join the challenge?


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