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As we have seen in the previous post Mirror Mirror On The Wall, it is very important to distinguish between our Inner and Outer beauty and to make them live together peacefully. Like a toast and an avocado, they're good individually but if you manage to sublime them together, bin-ducking-go!


Outer beauty needs to be, as we said, on of the tools you use to enhance your Inner beauty but of course we need to be careful not to fall into the trap of stereotypes (AKA forced fashion and social trends) and make sure we are fully aware of who who are, what we want and what are our key aspects we want to highlight.

We will go through this in a future post (stay tuned!) but in general trends are to be considered partially: not all trends are good for everyone and not following trends is NOT a fashion catastrophe. On the contrary, it shows a deeper knowledge of the "self" and a stronger personality. The more you are sure of what you want to look like, the bigger are your b*lls basically #PardonMyFrench

There are some tricks I personally use on the daily basis and even if in the beginning I used to judge these of being too much on the Kumbayah side of things, they actually proved themselves to be very useful

1) Stand up in front of a mirror, straight back and chin up. Try to do this naked to embrace fully your body and see it for what it is, without "extra layers". Due to the nature of this step, please try not to do it in your office. Public nudity is a felony in many countries...

2) Say out lound, in front of the mirror, 3 things you like the most about your body. Could be pretty much anything and remember that we all have something we like! I personally like my eyebrows for instance (no judgment please). Make sure it's, for this part, three physical things.

3) Now we switch spectrum and you have to list 3 things you like the most about your personality. This can be very much broad and include things from " I like how I smile all the time and spread joy" to "I help kittens to cross the street" to " I always share my French fries". This last ability is unfortunately not one of mine.

4) Try to find out now if there is any chance how step # 2 and #3 are correlated. Is there a part of your body that you like because it's the tool / focus / etc... of one of your points in #3? This can be as figurative as you want because at the end of the day, everything in our subconscious is intrinsic. Example: I like my eyes and I like the optimistic vision I have of the world, I love my arms and how I use them to hug people to show them my empathy, etc....

5) This part is hard! Find out the MOST (yes, only 1 here... difficult, huh?) passionate thing you are about (work or in general). This is pretty much the highlight of your existence so try not to say things like "pineapple pizza" or "The Bachelor".

6) What are you the most proud about yourself about? This guys is VERY important. We should always try to keep this in mind no matter what and boost it everyday, no matter what.

7) Let's take this one step forward now. If you combine your findings on points #5 and #6, do you reckon your physical appearance and what your wear have affected them somehow? Do you think you manage to do what you like the most and enhance the best side of yourself also by means of your outer look, your appearance, your clothes, etc...? I'm sure that with some introspection you'll find out at this point that it actually makes sense... As far as I'm concerned, I noticed for example that I tend to use oversize clothes the most in order to look bigger then how I actually am and that I have a penchant for color to boost my extrovert and joyful side (the part of my personality I like the most).

8) Last but not least, what is the one thing you'd do if you could go out and do anything you'd like to feel better about yourself?

Now, I know it all might seem pretty vague and borderline weird, but if you think about it, it all falls into place into mapping a clear structure of your inner beauty, highlight of your strength and definition of the main points that define you the unique and special human being you are.

This being done, now you just need to use fashion to make it even louder and make sure people around you know could answer above questions about yourself in the same way you did.

And this is basically how you use fashion to create YOUR style. You're welcome!

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