Here at The Fashion Sloth we have one mission: no more fashion victims. Our goal is to create a sustainable fashion system where clothes go back to their original status of art. Yes, wearable art! Fashion and styling have to empower you by giving your body a complete new dimension. We strongly believe that every person is unique and therefore their styling needs to reflect such uniqueness. No more trends to follow, no more "buy-throw-buy-throw" endless behaviors

We believe in education and coaching, providing tools on how to make the most of your image, highlight your strengths and make sure you end up being the most stunning version of yourself. Know what and how to buy, how to take care of it in order to reduce your impact, be amazingly stylish and save the planet.  

It is possible to equate fashion with green living, join our movement for wearing clothes that matter.


Feel free to reach out for more insights on our activities and events or just to say "Hello!" and join The Fashion Sloth squad. A revolution has never been so fabulous!


The Fashion Sloth is born from the idea of Marco, an Italian fashion expert with a strong background in high street retail. After years spent working on the "behind the scenes" of the fast fashion world and its dramatic impact on our planet, he founded in 2019 The Fashion Sloth with the objective of creating a community of people ready to engage into the new Fashion Revolution. The need for a  slower and more thoughtful way to consume fashion, brought him to gather a team of experts (stylists, tailors and fashion business experts) to join his mission. The goal is easy: give people the tools to use styling as a way to empower themselves, run away from the too fast changing trends system, focus on what makes people look good and true to themselves and conceive a new way to make clothes last longer. Consumption is the most urgent pillar to demolish and asking "why" before buying becomes an urgency. "Consume less, share more" is our motto. Join us in our change towards a more stylish and green world.



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